Vision & Values

Our Aims

  • To maximise the achievement, enjoyment and life chances of all our pupils, attaining at least national expectations and exceeding national progress levels.
  • To promote our school values of achievement, diversity and resilience within a school ethos of high aspiration- for pupils and staff alike.
  • To uphold the core British values: Democracy, Respect, Tolerance, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law. To nurture and promote tolerance, understanding and sensitivity amongst all our pupils, accepting the diversity of faith, culture and lifestyle in modern British democratic society. This includes understanding and support of any pupils with special needs and disabilities, including those in our own COIN centre.
  • Develop pupils’ independence and resilience empowering each child to reach a high standard of reading, writing and mathematics skills, in each of our pupils and to the best of their individual ability.
  • To enable and empower all our pupils to understand their strengths and weaknesses, appreciating their own ability to believe in themselves, to achieve their full potential and to ask questions.
  • To promote an enduring sense of right and wrong in all our pupils, providing them with a strong foundation and value system for the duration of their lives.
  • To promote good health fostering an awareness of physical and emotional well-being and an understanding of how to stay safe on-line.
  • To promote a strong triangle of communication and support between the school, the pupils and the parents/carers.
  • To foster a cohesive community culture amongst all our stakeholders focused on building co-operation and helping maximise pupils’ progress through direct community involvement.
  • To prepare children for transition to secondary education and beyond, helping them to develop into good learners and contributing, caring citizens in our modern, democratic diverse British society
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