School Council

Our school council is a body of pupils who are elected to represent Grove learners on issues that affect them.

At the start of the school year, councillors are elected to represent their peers from each class across the school. Our meetings are held weekly, during which school council representatives share concerns and ideas raised by their peers and in turn feed back to their peers on any decisions or suggestions raised.

All posts are held for 1 year.

The children and their class teachers recently spoke about what well being means to them and how they could improve well being at The Grove.

Current Project

In the Autumn term (2019), school council decided on a redevelopment plan for the friendship garden, reflecting the needs of the children and including sensory elements. This would provide children with a place to reflect, make friends and meet new people. The construction of this will commence after the fundraising events held in Spring.


School council bake off2

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