Curriculum Overview

Statement of Curriculum Intent 

At The Grove Primary school, the curriculum is designed to:

  • Recognise children’s prior learning
  • Reflect the diverse cultures and creeds of Grove learners while igniting their interest in the wider world and all that it offers
  • Motivate children to ask questions and seek answers
  • Provide first hand learning experiences
  • Allow the children to develop interpersonal skills
  • Build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers  

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time in our lives where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge. Children leave our school with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum drivers are directly linked to our school values of:

  • High Aspirations
  • Diversity
  • Resilience

We aim high and promote high aspirations for every learner. Our curriculum challenges so that every child can achieve their very best. Our thematic units will nurture curious minds, stretch the imagination and provide opportunities for every child to discover their particular talents. Every day our children will grow in confidence as we celebrate success and support each other to reach new heights. Year by year, Grove children will acquire and apply knowledge and skills in every curriculum area so that they progress swiftly from their individual starting points and achieve to their full potential.

The values of respect and diversity support pupils to be active, responsible members of the school, the locality, our country and the world. We live in a diverse locality and our curriculum reflects the diversity of the local community and the global community in which we live. Our curriculum is inclusive. It supports and nurtures all our pupils to behave positively, manage their feelings, work co-operatively, demonstrate resilience and build positive relationships. We are absolutely passionate that all children need to be happy, healthy and able to cope with everything that life might throw at them.

At The Grove we teach, model and encourage resilience. Through application of a growth mindset complimented by the facilitation of metacognition, we want all our pupils to relish challenges, embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, value the importance of effort, respond carefully to feedback and take inspiration from others. We know that in order to fulfil the potential of our pupils and encourage them to become confident and resilient learners we, as a team of parents and staff, need to be modelling the mindset of a learner who is not afraid of making mistakes but who thrives upon them, knowing that this is all part of the learning process. The way in which we encourage children to learn and explore is vital to their success, not only at school but at home as well.

Curriculum Implementation

We provide learning opportunities through broad themes which enable the children to make logical connections between the different aspects of their learning. The development of language is a priority for us and we immerse the children in a language rich environment to support them in securing subject specific vocabulary. Our curriculum is delivered through:

Learning behaviours

Text based units for English using high quality, current and relevant texts.

A ‘mastery’ approach to teaching mathematics.

Immersive learning and thematic days (Egyptians, Greeks, WW2, Vikings)

Residentials and trips to provide immersive experiences, develop team work and push boundaries.

An enquiry focus to teach Science.

Dedicated French and PE teachers.

Targeted individually planned daily pre-teach and fix it sessions to keep all children up to speed.

Interventions as outlined in our provision map

Strategies and resources to engage and ensure the progression of all learners including cued articulation and Clicker.

A wide menu of before and after school clubs so that every child has the opportunity to explore, practice and apply their particular talents and interests outside of the school day.


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