Governors, like a board of directors, make decisions about how the academy is run. The full Governing body meets at least once a term although Governors belong to various committees, which often meet more regularly. The Governors have legal powers and responsibilities but must act as a group; they cannot act individually.

Governors at The Grove represent the academy on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their services or time. Most members serve for a period of 4 years with the exception of Parent Governors who serve for a period of 3 years.

Our aim is to assist the children and the staff of the academy to make a safe, happy and pleasant environment in which to learn and play.

If you wish to contact The Chair of Governors, Nick Houghton, his email address is

Our Governing body and their responsibilities:

Nick Houghton Chair, Finance portfolio holder
Amy Grieve Curriculum portfolio holder
Chiandra Jayasekera Community portfolio holder
Chris Byrne Achievement portfolio holder
Sadif Khan Safeguarding portfolio holder
Sarah Young Staff Governor
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